Bexley Half Round Rubber & Coir Doormat 75x45cm


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Introducing the Bexley Half Round Doormat - an elegant and durable first impression for your home. This stylish doormat, measuring a generous 75cm by 45cm, is meticulously crafted from the finest coir and framed with a robust rubber border. The natural coir provides an exceptional brushing quality to ensure that dirt and debris stay outside where they belong. At the core of the Bexley’s charm is its timeless design, featuring a fan-like array of intricate patterns inspired by classic ironwork. The black rubber detailing not only adds a sophisticated contrast to the coir's rustic hue but also enhances the doormat’s durability and non-slip properties, ensuring a secure footing even in wet conditions. This half-round doormat is not just a functional accessory but a statement piece that complements both traditional and contemporary doorways. Its semi-circular shape offers a warm invitation into your home while the tough coir fibers are hard at work, making maintenance a breeze. A simple shake or brush is all that is needed to keep the Bexley looking its best. Whether placed at your front door or as a transitional piece from the garden to indoors, the Bexley Half Round Doormat stands up to the rigors of foot traffic while adding an understated elegance to your entryway. Welcome your guests with the promise of style and functionality that the Bexley doormat delivers day after day.

Measures 75cm by 45cm. Made from coir and rubber.

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  • 75cm long
  • 45cm wide
  • 2cm thick
  • Made from coir and rubber

Note that measurements are approximate as there can be minor variations during production.

Made from natural coir fibres which is the hair on the outside of coconuts. Coir has great scraping properties and is naturally slight absorbent of water - which makes it a great material for a doormat!

Care instructions

Because coir naturally absorbs water, to ensure the best performance and longlasting beauty of your doormat, please:

  • make sure that it does not get excessively wet
  • let it dry quickly if it does get wet
  • be aware that cats and birds scratching the coir fibres of the mat can damage it and lead to excessive shedding