Why are all the containers delayed?

We keep being told that there are delays in international shipping but it’s been nearly a year now. What on earth is going on? Like you, we are tearing our hair out! We spoke to some experienced shipping agents to get the whole story and here it is.

At the start of COVID, two things happened. Demand dropped dramatically as many importers reacted to the pandemic with caution. They held off ordering or delayed or reduced orders. In addition, lockdowns in various countries meant that economic movements and production were paused.

The shipping companies responded by taking a number of ships out of circulation.

But the slowdown was quickly followed with a dramatic increase in global demand. People shifted their spending from eating out to buying things for their homes.

But the shortage of ships meant booking a spot for a container was harder, and much more expensive. Fewer spots meant the shipping companies charged more for them. Much more.

So goods coming into Australia were delayed due to both slower production at the factories (due to lockdown conditions) and also because getting a container booked onto a ship was harder.

In many countries, COVID restrictions are still impacting production. Particularly in India due to the severity of the pandemic there.

The increased demand for goods in Australia then created an imbalance in container supply. Lots of containers were coming into Australia but not enough containers were leaving. And that is still the case. They are piling up here empty.

Factories in producing countries like India and Indonesia are waiting weeks just to get an empty container delivered to them so they can pack the goods into it. And that’s after having to work with reduced workforces because of COVID restrictions.


Rattan Laundry Baskets - Woven Wicker/Cane

Beautiful Rattan Laundry Baskets Available

Get the perfect laundry with the wide range of rattan and woven wicker/cane items currently in stock at French Knot. 

Made from beautiful handwoven cane, we have a variety of styles in a wonderful antique grey cane colour that is perfect for your country style or French Provincial look. Our range includes the popular Washing Basket (pictured above). A strong basket made from whole cane, this is a timeless classic that looks beautiful in your laundry and outside when you're hanging up your washing. Included in this stock is a great range of stylish yet functional laundry baskets.

Best sellers also include the Small Rattan Laundry Basket that is currently selling for $59.95 (check it out here). Great value for money, the pale greywash colour is sophisticated and subtle which the practical design with the hinged lid and cotton lining make it a lovely way to keep your home tidy and looking its best.

We also stock a range of other sizes and shapes that are also well priced. We have a medium sized version (similar to the small but bigger) for $69.95 and a large version for $79.95.

If you are after a different shape then you could opt for the round laundry basket for just $69.95 or the top of the range Porto laundry basket for $174.95.

Why not check out our amazing range today!

Handmade Ceramics for Beautiful Tables

The hot trend in tableware is handmade ceramics. Gone is the plain white china. Today, meals at fine restaurants worldwide, and at our local cafes, are being served on gorgeous handmade dishes. These plates and bowls have amazing individual character and showcase the creativity of their makers. It's all part of bringing that artisanal experience to diners.

It's easy to achieve this look at home by buying a few key pieces and mixing and matching with other plates and dishes to create a unique look that suits your mood or the season.

Take inspiration from this amazing table setting in Australian House & Garden's June issue. Featuring French Knot's handmade ceramic Forest Bowls in green, they are teamed with other plates and glassware in autumnal tones to create the perfect setting for a warming winter feast.

See all our handmade ceramic bowls and plates in our Serving Bowls range and in our Dip Bowls range. 

Wall Hooks in House & Garden, March 2016

Here's a lovely shoot we forgot to post earlier. This gorgeous entrance way in House & Garden March 2016 issue features wall hooks from French Knot. 

The Source - Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald

With an unerring sense of style, Alexia Biggs spotted how beautiful our Ambre Ash & Caramel Indoor Mat is. Featured in The Source in SMH's Spectrum on 5 November. 

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