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Find the perfect door stop in our wide range at French Knot.

Shop quality door stops in a beautiful range of fabrics to complement your Australian home. As well as classic fabric and cast iron designs, we have styles to suit fresh Hamptons style homes, cosy farmhouse decor as well as classic, modern neutrals. Whether you are looking for a dog, cat, animal, cast iron door stop or a wooden wedge, French Knot sources the widest range for you to browse.

Door Stop

French Knot's range of doorstops offer a balance between practicality and design, with our selection including a range of soft door stoppers in fabric as well as classic wooden and cast iron door wedges in both simple and decorative designs. These weighted door stop pieces are perfect for propping things open and letting a cool breeze through your home on a warm Australian summers day, or simply to create a more open and welcoming feel in your home.

Door Stopper

Whether you are seeking an elegant doorstop to seamlessly blend into your home, a unique fabric door stop design such as an animal door stop or a dog door stopper to add a homey feel, or something in a more vibrant colour to brighten up your space, you are sure to find it in our range.

Door Wedge

A door wedge is quite often made from timber or metal (if you want a heavy door stopper) and has a thin end that can be wedged under your doors to prevent them from closing. French Knot have a number of wedges available in stock including cast iron ones and some timber ones. Check out a door stop wedge today!

Cat Doorstop

We have a wonderful range of cat doorstops. Ranging from soft fabric ones like the Oscar or the Lulu to cast metal ones like the arching cat doorstop. Whatever your preference we are likely to have a cat door stop to suit.

Door Blocker

Need something heavy duty to keep your door from moving in the wind. If you need a door blocker then you should look at a cast iron door stop. They are heavy enough to block most doors and often have a wedge to keep them in place.

Cute Door Stopper

Can you ever get enough cute? We have a great range of cute door stoppers that would be perfect for a childs room or to take the edge off a more formal area. Check out a cute door stopper today!