Door Stopper -stops and snakes available online

Need a quality door stopper to keep your door in place plus also look amazing?
Why not check out the range that we have available here at French Knot. We stock a variety of door stops suitable for almost every taste and like all of our products here at French Knot they are reasonably priced. Whether you are looking for a dog, cat, animal, cast iron or wooden wedge French Knot might be able to help you out.

French Knot’s range offers a balance between practicality and design, with our selection including a range of soft stoppers in fabric as well as classic wooden and cast iron door wedges in both simple and decorative designs. These weighted pieces are perfect for propping open your door and letting a cool breeze through your home on a warm Australian summers day, or simply to create a more open and welcoming feel in your home. Whether you are seeking an elegant doorstop to seamlessly blend into your home, a unique design such as a dog or animal to add a homey feel, or something in a more vibrant colour to brighten up your space, you are sure to find it in our range.