Pet Beds, Dog Beds, Cat Beds

Pet Beds

Here at French Knot we believe that pet beds should look elegant and should fit with the style of your home. A pet bed from French Knot will be made by crafts people and will be visually appealing. Your pet will love it and your friends will admire it.

Dog Beds

Our dog beds have been woven from rattan. The rattan is harvested from sustainable forests in Indonesia, treated to give it it's strength and colour and then woven into a dog bed by skilled crafts people. Like many of our other rattan products they are beautiful pieces that are all slightly different because they have been hand made. Your dog will love his/her new bed and your friends will be envious!

Cat Beds

Cats have a real attraction to luxury and these cat beds will provide your cat with a beautiful place to sleep. Like our dog beds your cat bed will be hand woven from natural rattan and will be provided with a comfy cushion for your cat to curl up on.