Serving Platters And Bowls To Suit All Styles

Serving Platters

Here at French Knot we understand the importance of having the perfect serving platter for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a formal event or something more casual our wide selection of serving platters will be sure to have something for everyone. Featuring a variety of materials such as porcelain, wood and sleek stainless steel our collection can accommodate any culinary creation. With stylish aesthetics and durable construction our serving platters will be sure to enhance the presentation of your dishes while making a statement on your table.

Serving Bowls for Your Next Dinner Party

Discover your perfect serving bowl for your entertaining needs here at French Knot. Our range of serving bowls is as diverse as our platters, ensuring that you will find the perfect option for your table. With a selection of natural woods or timeless porcelains our selection has something for everyone. Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind our serving bowls offer ample space for salads, sides or pastas. With exquistie finishes and thoughtful details our serving bowls will add a touch of sophistication to any dining experience. Whatever the occasion our serving bowls will be your go to choice for serving in style.

The perfect platter plates for serving in style

Complete your table setting in style with one of our stylish platter plates. These versatile plates are the perfect accompaniement to our serving platters and bowls. Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, from classic round plates to unique geometric designs. Whether you're serving hors d'oeuvres, mains or desserts our platter plates provide a stylish backdrop for any culinary creation.

Serving Plates & Serving Dishes for Your Kitchen

Our Serving plates and serving dishes are crafted with care and attention to detail, elevating your dining experience and offering functionality and elegance. From sleek and minimalist designs to intricate patterns our serving plates will be sure to add a touch of sophistication to your table. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner of a casual brunch our serving dishes are the perfect canvas to showcase your culinary masterpieces.

Large Bowls for Entertaining

Our collection of large bowls is perfect for sharing family style meals. Generously sized, they're perfect for serving salads, pastas or even fruit salads. WIth a spacious design and eye catching finishes our large bowls will be sure to make a statement on your table while providing practical functionality. Whether you're hosting a christmas dinner or a summer BBQ our large bowls will ensure that everyone gets their fill in style.

Stylish Serving Stands

Our serving stands are sure to elevate and culinary creations. Whether you want to display a cake, showcase appetizers or present a buffet style spread our serving stands are sure to add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Available in a range of designs and sizes our serving stands don't just elevate your food but also create a visually stunning presentation. Made from durable materials our serving stnads will be the perfect addition to your entertaining essentials for years to come.