A3 Picture, Poster and Photo Frames at Great Prices

A3 Frame

Nothing brightens up your home more than an A3 frame. Whether you need to hang pictures of your family, a poster from a key event or a photo of your favourite place French Knot will have an A3 frame that can do the job.

Our A3 frames can also be great for hanging certificates or qualifications. We also get calls from a variety of sources for bulk volumes so that companies or associations can present special documents pre-framed or that galleries or art schools can display their students' work.

Display Your Best Photos

Now that we all have phones with amazing cameras we can all become amateur photographers. Why not take things one step further and get those photos printed out on high-quality paper and display them in your home in an A3 frame? Even if you don't have a high-quality printer you can make use of companies like Office Works to get your images printed at quite reasonable prices. Also, once you have some A3 picture frames you can swap your photos around whenever you feel like it. A great way to bring a bit of variety to your home!

A3 Photo Frame

Whatever your requirement for an A3 photo frame, whether for a certificate, a picture, a photo, a poster or you just need a frame for an a3 print French Knot will likely have an A3 photo frame to suit.

Crafted Sophistication in A3 Size: Explore our A3 picture Frames for Captivating Moments

Discover the allure of French Knot's collection of A3 picture frames, perfectly designed to grace your cherished memories and artistic creations. With dimensions perfectly suited for sized documents and prints, these frames seamlessly blend aesthetic beauty with functionality. Each frame has been meticulously crafted to transform your photographs and art pieces into captivating treasures, enhancing the essence of every moment you hold dear.

The artistry of A3 Picture Frames: A Fusion of Modern and Classic Styles

Here at French Knot, our A3 picture frames will frame any A3-sized treasures with finesse. Our collection offers a harmonious blend of modern and classic designs, catering to a variety of styles and preferences. From minimalist elegance to ornate beauty, our A3 frames transcend mere functionality, becoming exquisite showcases that honour your memories and adorn your living space with sophistication.

Versatility Unleashed: Creating Captivating Visual Narratives with A3 Collage Frames

Dive into the world of creative expression with our A3 collage frames. These frames unlock a realm of storytelling possibilities, allowing you to arrange multiple A3-sized photos or artworks within a single frame. Transform your walls into captivating galleries that tell the tale of your journey, whether it's a family milestone or an artistic endeavour, it can be all presented with French Knot's signature elegance.

Transform Your Space: A3 Frames for Striking Gallery Walls

Elevate your interior design with our A3 frames, ideal for crafting stunning gallery walls. Whether you're curating a display of family memories or showcasing your creative portfolio, our A3 frames will provide a cohesive and striking way to arrange and exhibit multiple A3-sized pieces. Let your walls become a canvas that narrates stories of love, passion and cherished moments.

Discover the world of French Knot's A3 picture frames and embark on a journey of elegance and creativity. Explore the versatility of A3 collage frames and find the perfect fusion of modern and classic designs. Browse our complete collection of frames and transform your cherished memories into timeless treasures that will enrich your space and heart, exclusively at French Knot.


What size frame for an A3 picture?

When it comes to framing an A3 picture, you'll want to select a frame that matches the dimensions of the A3 paper, which is about 30x42cm. To properly showcase your A3 picture without cropping or altering its dimensions, you should choose a frame that is designed specifically for A3 items.

Typically, an A3 picture would fit perfectly in a frame that's roughly 30x42 cm or 11x17 inches. This allows the picture to be displayed prominently without any trimming or adjustments. Remember that using a frame designed for A3 size ensures that your picture is presented exactly as you intended, preserving its full visual impact and artistic composition.

Is A3 a standard frame size?

Yes! A3 is a standard frame size and is a widely recognised international paper size, measuring approx. 30x42cm. It is commonly used for a variety of purposes, such as printing, artwork, documents and of course framing.

Many manufacturers produce frames specifically designed to fit A3-sized items. These frames allow you to easily display A3 photos, artwork, posters and documents without the need for resizing or adjustments. A3 frames are readily available in a variety of styles, materials and designs, making it convenient to find a suitable frame that complements your preferences and the context of your display.