Classic seashells and corals for your coastal style home

Shells For Your Home

Make your home live out your coastal dreams with our lovely selection of shells and coral. Allow French Knot to bring a marine charm into your space with our gorgeous range of seashells and sea inspired decor. From coral and sea shells to sea-urchins and crabs, bring the fresh breeze of the ocean into your home. These pieces would be perfect to add some unique charm to your living room or to add a touch of Australia's beachside culture to your bedroom.

Sea Shells

Evoke the beauty of seaside walks and unique beach finds to add those perfect finishing touches to your coastal style or Hamptons decor with these expertly made creatures of the sea and seashore.

What Are The Shells Made From?

Our shells and coral decor are either real seashells or are made from either ceramic or resin. While some may not be real, they are crafted so well that many people cannot tell them apart from the real thing.

Beach Decor

Beach decor can be used in a variety of situations around your house. They can add a touch of individuality to your bathroom or bring a feeling of freshness to your kitchen. You can coordinate the look across several rooms or take more of an eclectic approach and mix it up a bit. Regardless of the approach you take, having a coastal theme in your home will make your guests feel welcome and at home.

Coral Decorations

Coral decorations are a great way to add a coastal feel to almost any room. Our decorative coral pieces are both beautiful and affordable. Add some coral decor to your place.

Sea Shells Australia

Looking for more marine inspired items for your home? Take a look at our gorgeous catalogue of Coastal Style pieces here to add more beachside charm to your space.

Where do your shells come from?

Decor shells are often used in home decor and can be found in a variety of locations from oceans to seas as well as other bodies of water. They are usually harvested by the local fishermen and divers from that area. Some of the most common types of shells used as decor include abalone, cowires, conches and sea snails. These shells can all be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours making them a versatile addition to any home.

Decor shells are usually sourced from tropical regions with extensive coastlines such as South East Asia. These areas typically use shells in traditional crafts and consider them an important part of local culture. By choosing decor shells from sustainable sources, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you are supporting the livelihoods of local artisans and fishermen.

How are shells made in the ocean?

Shells are formed by molluscs, a type of marine animal including clams, oysters and sea snails. These animals have a soft body which is coated in a protective shell formed by a process called biomineralisation, in which the animal secretes a protein acting as a template for the formation of the shell. As the protein accumulates over time calcium carbonate is deposited around it forming a hard, protective shell.

Different shells are formed in different ways, depending on the species of mollusc. Some shells are simple and smooth and round, while others have intricate patterns or spines. Some molluscs even change the colour and pattern of their shells as a response to their environment. When a mollusc dies its shell washes onto shore, where it is collected by local fishermen. Because shells are a typically natural product, each of our real shells is unique, with its own individual beauty and character.

How is coral made in the ocean?

Coral is formed in the ocean by a process known as calcification. Thousands of tiny animals called polyps work together to create a coral's intricate structures. These structures grow over time, becoming magnificent reefs which are essential to the health of marine ecosystems around the world.

Coral is not just important to the ocean. It can also be a stunning addition to your home decor. Coral inspired home decor items, such as sculptures, vases or art bring the beauty of the ocean into your living space. All the corals here at French Knot are artificial and moulded from resin. By choosing our coral decor you can add a touch of natual beauty to your home whilst also still protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

Can you buy real coral in Australia?

Australian law forbids the purchase, sale or trade of most species of live coral or coral products, including coral products which have been imported. The Australian government places strict regulations in place to be able to protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems from degradation over time due to commercial trade. This means that all of our coral products are either artificials or sourced from dead coral which has washed up on shore.

At French Knot we offer a range of coral decor made from alternative materials such as resins and ceramics. These materials have been moulded and shaped to mimic the natural beauty of real coral without causing any harm to living coral reefs. By choosing one of our beautiful coral decor items you can enjoy the natural beauty of coral within your home without negatively contributing to the degradation of precious marine ecosystems.

What are the fake shells and coral made from?

Fake shells and coral are made from a variety of materials, depending on the style of coral being imitated. One of the most common materials used is resin, a durable, lightweight plastic-like material. resin can be moulded and shaped to create accurate and realistic-looking shells and coral which can be used as home decor.

Another commonly used material is ceramic. Ceramic corals and shells are handpainted to mimic the natural texture and colours of real corals and shells. Ceramic is an incredibly durabile material which can be to imitate the intricate details and textures which are difficult to achieve with other materials. Other less common materials used for fake shells and coral include glass, metal and even papier mache.

At French Knot we supply only fake coral and shells made from high-quality materials, crafted with excellent attention to detail. By choosing our well-made and sustainably sourced fake shells and coral, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean in your home while also protecting fragile marine ecosystems.

What is a conch shell and where do they come from?

Conch shells are large, spiral shaped shells used within home decor and they are typically found in the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico as well as the surrounding areas. The conch shell is actually the outer casing of a marine mollusc, a type of snail which lives on the ocean floor.

Conch shells are often used for a variety of purposes, as musical intruments, as tools or even as a form of currency. However in modern times conch shells are often used in interior design as statement pieces, displayed on shelves or tables or as an elegant, natural element within a coastal decor. They can also be used as unique vases or as vases, adding a touch of beachy charm to your space.