Beautiful Tumblers and Wine Glasses - Gorgeous Jugs - Pretty Mugs and Teacups

From everyday practical tumblers for the outdoors to intricately detailed wine glasses for that special occasion, at French Knot, our selection of drinkware will infuse elegance and delight into your meals no matter the occasion. Our range of farmhouse and French Provincial style drink ware will look wonderful on the table or displayed in a cabinet, and will add a touch of refined beauty to your dinner party or while having coffee with friends. Embrace the blend of antique charm and understated luxury of the French countryside and bring tranquility and classic beauty into your home today.

Glasses and Cups for Soft Antique Elegance

Our range of glasses and cups feature intricately detailed embossed or cut designs that evoke the scrolls and floral motifs of antique style. Perfect for adding drama and tying together a traditional and opulent table setting, they can also infuse a sense of subtle sophistication and natural beauty into a more paired-back event. Our glass tumblers are an excellent choice for your evening indoor meals or for sharing an evening drink with your significant other or friends. CA glass tumbler evokes that feel of classic refinement, while our olive green glass cups echo the earthy tones of cozy farmhouse decor. Our wine glasses blend luxury and countryside charm, creating a serene inviting atmosphere while treating your guests to a taste of indulgence. For outdoor entertaining, we have a range of acrylic tumblers that mimic the look of glass, while preventing the danger of glass smashing on stone or concrete. The scrolled details of an acrylic tumbler or acrylic wine glass catches the light beautifully, and will make every day feel like a special occasion. Our outdoor acrylic glasses and outdoor wine glasses also come in a beautiful shade of blue that would complement your Hamptons style decor wonderfully.

Escape to the French Country with Gorgeous Jugs and Bottles

Ditch the tacky plastic bottles and make every meal feel special with our French Country Style jugs and bottles. White-glazed ceramic jugs encapsulate the simplicty and classic embossed designs of traditional countryside living, and will give your home that antique cottage feel without feeling overdone or shabby. The scalloped details and elegantly curved forms of our white ceramic jugs complement French Provincial style decor beautifully, and would look wonderful holding drinks at your dinner table, milk for tea and coffee, or even a lush bouquet of flowers and foliage for a gorgeous table centrepiece. Many of French Knot's ceramic jugs that have more subtle curves and gentle detailing would add a burst of freshness and classic beauty that can enhance a range of decor styles - from French Provincial, to modern farmhouse, to Hamptons decor. If you would like to match the feel of subtle luxury and antique beauty of our embossed glass tumblers, we have a selection of ornately detailed glass jugs, glass decanters, and glass bottles for either indoor or outdoor use.

Pretty Mugs and Teacups with Timeless Designs

Enjoy cozy evenings with our lovely collections of mugs and teacups. No matter your drink of choice, our mugs are sure to warm the soul with their beautiful and charming designs. Create a charming afternoon tea setting with a matching patterned mug or teacup and a plate full of biscuits, or choose our French Countryside inspired mugs that will bring a sense of peace and serenity with their organic edges and rustic white glazing. Place a pair of mugs on one of our rattan trays, alongside a white ceramic milk jug, to really create a cozy, peaceful vibe, and evoke blissful memories of evenings cuddled up by the fire.

Stunning Champagne Buckets: Celebrate in Style

Elevating the atmosphere of your dinner parties is easy with our stunning champagne buckets, allowing you to celebrate in style and sophistication. A stainless steel champagne bucket is sure to impress your guests, and will instantly give your dinner party a feel of opulence and luxury. Filled with ice and a champagne bottle and placed on a table as the centrepiece, our champagne buckets are the epitome of class and elegance, and will enhance the atmosphere and make it feel like a real celebration. A metal champagne bucket would perfectly complement French Provincial or Hamptons style decor, and could even be filled with foliage or flowers to make an eye-catching table centrepiece when you are not entertaining. A glass champagne bucket with intricate scrolled details is excellent for adding a subtle touch of luxurious antique charm, and would beautifully enhance the pretty cottage feel of your farmhouse decor or French Country style home.

Delight guests and make your everyday meals something special with our range of beautiful glassware and drink ware. Whether you are looking for antique detailed embossed glass tumblers or a fresh white ceramic jug for your Hamptons style home, our range of glasses, jugs, bottles, mugs, and teacups is sure to have something that will look gorgeous and bring elegance and joy to your table. To discover more dining ware you will love, explore our full range of Dining, Glassware, and Table Setting Pieces, and bring beauty and elegance to your home.