Door Snakes & Draft/Draught Stopper

The humble draft stopper goes by a number of names. Some call it a door snake, some call it a door wind stopper or an excluder, some refer to them as a sausage while some spell it as draught.

Door Snake

Whether you call it a door snake, sausage, wind stopping thing or draught stopper we have a whole range of them that will stop the cold winter breeze from coming under your door. These door snakes would be the perfect addition to your home, adding both an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your room and a gorgeous pop of style to your space. You need a door snake for your draughty door!

Door Draft Stopper

Regardless of whether you call it a blocker or a draft excluder, our pieces are sure to keep the wind from coming in while keeping your home in style.

Door Wind Stopper

Our gorgeous range of door wind stoppers is sure to fit perfectly into the design of your home whilst stopping the cold from coming through your doors! With patterned, plain and rustic designs - as well as some with animals - you are sure to fall in love with one of our beautifully functional draught stopper designs. With a stylish draught excluder from French Knot you can seal that space under your doors and get that draft to stop.