Elevate Your Bedroom with French Knot's Bedside Tables Collection

Welcome to our curated collection of bedside tables, where style meets functionality in the most refined way. Explore our range of versatile tables designed to effortlessly enhance your sleeping space whilst adding a touch of elegance. From natural rattan designs to classic whites, our bedside tables are the perfect companions for all your nighttime essentials.

Rattan Bedside Tables: Natures Charm by Your Side

Experience the organic beauty of our rattan bedside tables. Crafted from premium materials, these tables bring the warmth and texture of nature to your bedroom. The intricate rattan weaves create a captivating visual and tactile experience, while their earthy tones infuse a sense of serenity. Designed to hold your nighttime essentials, our rattan bedside tables offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, making them an exquisite addition to any home.

Butlers Trays: Functional Beauty by Your Bedside

Discover the functional beauty of our Butlers Tray bedside tables. These tables feature removable trays to make organising convenient and effortless. Whether you need a stylish surface for all your essentials or a temporary workspace, our butlers' trays adapt to your needs with timeless elegance. With a hint of vintage charm and a focus on practicality, these tables serve as versatile companions for your bed.

White Bedside Tables for Classic Simplicity and a Timeless Appeal

Our white bedside tables let you indulge with their classic simplicity. Their clean finishes and versatile designs make them seamlessly complement a variety of bedroom styles. Whether your decor leans toward coastal aesthetics or traditional elegance our white bedside tables effortlessly integrate into your design vision. With ample storage space as well as a neutral palette, they enhance the tranquillity and organisation of your sleeping area.

Should the Bedside Table be Higher or Lower Than Bed?

The height of a bedside table in relation to a bed is an important consideration for functionality and aesthetics. Generally speaking, a bedside table is most useful when it's around the same height or slightly lower than the top of the mattress. This ensures that it's easy to reach from the bed and provides a convenient surface for essentials such as lamps, books or a glass of water.

However personal preference as well as the design of the table are also important factors. Some people prefer the way a table that's slightly lower looks, whilst others may opt for a slightly taller table with added storage or to potentially match the height of a thicker mattress.

The key is finding a balance where the bedside table is comfortable within reach from the bed and complements the overall design aesthetic of the room. Ultimately, the choice between having a slightly higher or lower table depends on your individual preferences and the visual harmony you want to achieve in your bedroom.

What can you have instead of a bedside table?

Instead of a traditional bedside table, there are several creative alternatives that add a unique touch to your bedroom whilst fulfilling the same functional purpose. Floating shelves mounted beside the bed offer a minimalist and space-saving option for holding essentials. Wall-mounted sconce lights can replace a traditional table lamp, freeing up surface space. A small wall-mounted desk or console can serve as a functional workspace and storage area. Bedside pockets or caddies that hang from the bed frame keep items within arm's reach. Incorporating a built-in shelf or nook into the headboard design can also provide a sleek and integrated storage solution. Ultimately, the choice depends on your style preferences, available space and the overall design concept of your bedroom.

French Knot invites you to explore our exceptional bedside tables collection. Discover the perfect table to complement your style and add a functional layer to your bedroom, as well as create a serene ambiance for restful nights. Embrace the art of tasteful living with French Knot's exquisite bedside tables.