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Crafting Beauty in A4 Size: Discover our A4 Picture Frame for Cherished Moments

Explore a world of artistic possibilities with our A4 picture frame. Perfectly suited to accommodate any A4-sized documents, certificates and photos, these frames blend form and function seamlessly. Each frame is meticulously crafted to showcase your memories, whether it's a special diploma or a significant document.

A4 Frame

We stock a great range of affordable A4 frames that can be used to brighten up your home or office. Our frames are perfect for displaying your favourite memories with family and friends or showing off your photography skills! Because we are an online shop we can also deliver your frame directly to your door. Enjoy the ease of online delivery for your next decorating project!

Here at French Knot, we understand the significance of framing your treasures. Our A4 frames will transform any ordinary items into extraordinary displays of elegance. From decorative designs that flair to minimalist frames that let your content shine, our collection caters to a wide variety of tastes. These frames don't just hold memories, they elevate them into timeless pieces of art.

Versatility and Style: Embrace the Beauty of A4 Collage Frames

Step into a world of creative expression with our A4 collage frames. These frames are a testament to versatility, allowing you to craft captivating visual narratives by arranging multiple A4-sized photos or documents into a single frame. Whether it's family snapshots or a series of art pieces, our collage frames become a canvas for your storytelling prowess.

Gallery Walls: Transform Your Space with our A4 Frames

Unleash your creativity and transform your space with our A4 frames, ideal for crafting stunning gallery walls. Whether you're curating a display of family memories or showcasing your artistic endeavours, our frames provide a cohesive and captivating way to arrange and showcase multiple A4-sized pieces. Let your walls tell a story with a harmonious arrangement of A4 frames that reflects your unique style.

Embrace the beauty and functionality of French Knot's A4 picture frames. From certificates to cherished photographs, our frames are designed to celebrate life's most meaningful moments. Discover the perfect frame that embodies elegance and elevates your cherished memories, exclusively at French Knot.


What size Frame for an A4 picture?

When choosing a frame for an a4 picture, you'll want to choose a frame that is 21cm by 30cm or one that is slightly larger to accommodate the paper as well as any matting you may want to use.

Typically, an A4 picture would be best suited for a frame that is around 23x31cm. This will provide a small border around the picture and allow for any matting to be added if desired. Keep in mind that the exact frame size you choose will depend on any preferences you have, the style you're aiming for and whether you want to include any matting around the picture.

Will an A4 picture fit in a 8x10 frame?

A4 picutres measure approximately 21x30cm, while an 8x10 frame is designed to hold a picture roughly 20x25cm. Since the dimensions of an A4 picture are slightly larger than those of an 8x10 frame, the A4 picture might not fit perfectly within the frame without some adjustments.

Keep in mind that trimming the picture could alter its appearance, so it's important to consider your preferences and the overall visual effect you want to achieve when deciding how to fit an A4 picture into an 8x10 frame.

What is the difference between A5 and A4 photo frame?

A5 and A4 photo frames differ in their dimensions, with A4 being larger than A5. As frames are designed for pictures measuring about 14.8cm by 21cm, suitable for smaller photos or certificates. A4 frames are meant for pictures measuring about 21x30cm, commonly used for standard documents, certificates, prints and larger photographs. The choice between A5 and A4 frames depends on the size of the photo or document you want to frame as well as the space available to display it.