Picnic Baskets & Picnic Accessories

There is nothing better than a relaxed picnic with someone you care about on a beautiful summers day. Here at French Knot, we offer the perfect picnic sets to take with you to explore the great outdoors, with our classically gorgeous baskets adding a touch of simple charm to your day in the sunshine.

When you have a beautiful picnic basket from French Knot and a range of stylish picnic accessories then the only thing you need to worry yourself about is finding the perfect location for your rendezvous. Our range, including stylish bags for keeping your drinks cool and classic picnic mats to set up on, is sure to make your day in nature even more beautiful.

Our baskets are selected for their design, their functionality and their durability. With gorgeous woven wicker baskets in a variety of shapes and colours and picnic rugs to match, French Knot’s range of picnic accessories will brighten your day in the open air. We also have a range of blankets, glass holders and tables to help make your special day even more special.

French Knot is the perfect spot to browse beautiful homewares. Whether you are looking for a stylish door hook or you need a rattan storage chest French Knot is the place to be.