Nativity Scenes and Advent Calendars - A Traditional Christmas with a Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

A traditional Nativity Scene is a beautiful way to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into your seasonal celebrations. Even though Christmas in Australia is celebrated in summer, it's lovely to add a meaningful reference to the origins of this festive season. A classic Nativity Scene is the perfect way to introduce these traditions to children and grandchildren. The moveable pieces in the nativity set teamed with a stable enable children to interact with all the characters present at the birth of Jesus and form memories that they will treasure for a lifetime. With both modern nativity designs in neutral colours and traditional nativity designs in rich, classic colours, French Knot's nativity scene selection is sure to have something for every Australian home.

Christmas Nativity Set

Whether you are searching for a Christmas Nativity Set in soft neutral colours to suit your Hamptons or contemporary home, or a traditional classic, our range means that there is a piece to fit into any space. Bring the meaning of Christmas into your home with these gorgeous sets.

What is a Nativity Set?

A Nativity Set is a model of the scene of the birth of Christ. It features the stable he was born in with the Star of Bethlehem shining above it, along with figurines of all the key people who were present. A traditional Nativity Set normally includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Angel Gabriel, the Three Wise Men, a shepherd and some farm animals such as a cow, sheep and the donkey that Mary rode on.

Nativity Sets are a cherished part of the holiday season and are a fun decorative way to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Perfect for adding a traditional element to your Christmas decor, Nativity Sets are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials to suit any home. From minimalist white sets to intricately detailed sculptures there is a set to match any design aesthetic and personal taste.

Manger scene

Incorporating a Nativity Set into your holiday celebrations is a beautiful way of commemorating the Christmas spirit within your home. The central figures in a nativity set are typically Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus as well as the other key figures of the nativity story such as the shepherds, the Wise men and an array of animals which are reflective of the humble manger scene setting, a stable in Bethlehem. Some sets can also include additional elements such as an angel or guiding star, symbolic of the scene's divine nature. By displaying a Nativity within your home during the Christmas season, you can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere which enourages reflection on the spiritual essence of the holiday.

Where did Nativity Sets Originate?

Nativity Sets were first created when St Francis of Assisi created the first live nativity scene inspired by his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. His scene marked the beginning of the practise of the nativity, which has evolved over the centuries into a diverse array of artistic representations crafted from various materials. As the custom spread throughout Europe, different cultures added their own unique artistic touch to nativity scenes. Today, Nativities continue to be cherished as an integral part of holiday decorations in homes all over the world.

Do Nativity Sets Go Out of Style?

Nativity Sets hold a timeless appeal which transcends fleeting design trends and seasonal fads. As a cherished holiday tradition deeply rooted in the story of Jesus' birth, they have a universal and enduring quality which continues to resonate with people across generations and cultures. Rather than going out of style, Nativities have evolved over the years, incorporating new materials, artistic interpretations, and design aesthetics to complement the diverse tastes of modern homes. From traditional hand-carved wooden figures to more contemporary options, there's a Nativity Set to suit all preferences. By including one into your holiday decor this year, you can embrace the true spirit of the season and also invest into a timeless decoration which can bring joy and a strong sense of tradition into your home year upon year.

What Does Nativity Mean?

The term 'nativity' is derived from the Latin word for 'birth' or birthplace and is refers to the birth of Jesus Christ, a central event in Christianity that marks the arrival of the Messiah, the saviour of humankind. The nativity narrative, as recounted in the Gospels tells the story of Jesus' humble birth within a stable in Bethlehem, surrounded by his parents, shepherds, the three wise men and barn animals. The nativity symbolises the divine and miraculous nature of Jesus' birth as well as the fulfilment of the prophecies which foretold his arrival. Today, it is seen as a celebration of Jesus' birth and is remembered through plays, music, and particularly the display of Nativity Sets.

Why is the Nativity Scene Important?

Nativity Sets hold special significance for many people during the Christmas season, serving as a visual representation of the birth of Jesus Christ as well as the spiritual meaning of the holiday. By depicting the humble nature of Jesus' birth, Nativity Sets remind us of the core values of love, humility and compassion that are central to the true meaning of Christmas. By displaying a nativity scene in your home it provides opportunity for your family to gather and reflect on the spiritual essence of the Christmas season, while also providing a timeless and cherished decorations.

Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas in style with French Knot's gorgeous range of advent calendars. Say goodbye to garish supermarket calendars with our refined and classic selection, with stylish designs that will make both you and the kids happy! Our advent calendars come unfilled, so you can fill the calendars with your favourite goodies and treats to make your Christmas even more enjoyable. A French Knot advent calendar will make the countdown to Christmas even more fun.