Table Napkins, Serviette Holder & Napkin Holders

Serviette Holder

Looking for the perfect serviette holder or napkin holder? Why not check out the beautiful range that we have on offer at French Knot. Treat your guests to a wonderful dinner party by having stylish accessories on your table.

Napkin Holder

A napkin holder doesn't have to be for the special occasions. You can always dress your table up for family dinners or casual dinners with friends. A napkin holder can be enjoyed whenever you feel like a bit of style.

What are serviette holders called?

Serviette holders, also known as napkin or tissue holders, depending on the materials that it's made from as well as its specific purpose. They are typically used for holding napkins and tissues neatly, keeping them easily accessible in dining tables or in a kitchen. They come in a range of different styles and designs and can complement any different home decor theme.

Is it correct to say napkin or serviette?

Both terms are correct and widely used. Napkin is more commonly used in America and serviette is more commonly used in the UK as well as other countries of the Commonwealth.

Does anyone use napkin rings anymore?

Whilst napkin rings are not as commonly used as they used to be, some people still use them to add an elegant touch to a table setting. However, they aren't necessary for a table and many people nowadays often forgo them for a more modern and minimalistic setting.

How do you put a serviette in a ring?

To put a serviette into a ring, start by folding the serviette in half diagonally, creating a triangle. Next, fold the bottom of the triangle to create a straight edge and fold it in half again creating a smaller triangle. Finally, tuck the top of the triangle into the napkin ring ensuring that the folds face down and the corners of the triangle are neatly tucked in.