Dining, Kitchen & Tableware

Entertain in style with French Knot's range of beautiful and elegant dining, kitchen, and tableware. Whether hosting a large dinner party or a cozy family meal, our selection of dinnerware, servingware, drinkware, and napery will help you create a gorgeous table setting, elevating the atmosphere and impressing guests. Our wide range of quality dining ware features something for every home, from classic antique designs for that country cottage feeling, to gorgeous Hamptons statement pieces to make your table stand out among the rest. The perfect combination of style and functionality, our diningware will ensure you welcome guests into a beautiful and stylish home.

Beautiful Dinnerware: Timeless Designs for Soft Refinement

Transform your eating experience with our beautiful range of dinnerware. Elevate your next meal or improve your entertaining skills with elegant stoneware plates and bowls. The timeless embossed details and fluted designs provide a sense of easy refinement, while the organic edges and white glaze finish evoke a classic, rustic feel. A plate or bowl is not only a vessel for food, but for bringing your unique interior style to the central event of the home - eating together. An absolute must-have for the French Provincial style home, our plates and bowls are beautifully complemented by our range of cutlery and utensils. The gorgeous chrome finish and elegant crystal-look details evoke that opulent, classy feel we would all love in our homes. Gone are the days of boring mismatched plates and cutlery, and instead you can experience a taste of countryside luxury with our range of dinnerware. Looking for somewhere to store your cutlery that will prevent pieces from going missing while making organisation stylish? Look no further than French Knot's selection of wooden and rattan cutlery caddies, that combine practicality and aesthetics.

Embrace Elegance with Gorgeous Servingware

Nothing speaks of a thoughtful host more than a table setting that features gorgeous servingware. Perfect for your next dinner party or family get-together, our selection of serving bowls, trays, and utensils are sure to infuse your event with an effortlessly elegant feel. Our serving platters and bowls provide that cozy feel of countryside beauty and charm, with fluted ceramic designs or a natural wood finish. Complement this look with a choice of our serving utensils - whether a pretty chrome finish to evoke French Provincial living, or nature-inspired details to enhance your Hamptons style home - as a set of charming salad servers or cheese knives will add that special something to your meal. Showcase the mouth-watering vibrant hues of seasonal fruit in a fruit bowl, or let the meal take centre stage by displaying desserts and treats on a natural wood cake stand. No dinner party or gathering would be complete without snacks and nibbles throughout the event, to keep guests happy and satisfied and highlight your thoughtfulness and attention to detail as host. Create a beautifully tempting spread across a marble or wooden serving board, and complete with cheese markers and knives, olive jars, and dip bowls. Add the finishing touches to your table with an elegant pair of oil and vinegar bottles, or marble salt and pepper shakers for a softly luxurious atmosphere. Trays are incredibly versatile entertaining pieces, and can be used for carrying plates and cups to guests, creating a grazing platter, or as the foundation of a stunning table centrepiece. Opt for a natural wood tray for that farmhouse or countryside feel, or choose a woven rattan tray to evoke the tranquil coastal lifestyle.

French Provincial Style Drinkware: The Secret to Luxury

Embossed or cut glass drinkware is a must-have for infusing your meal with the easy luxury of French Provincial style. Combining antique countryside charm with opulence, French Provincial style calls for intricately detailed scrolls and floral motifs, and our range of glasses and cups are perfect for adding this touch of refinement. If you would like a more traditional farmhouse feel, select glasses in shades of olive green, enhancing the sense of connection to earth and the outdoors. Ditch the tacky cans or plastic bottles and instead serve drinks and milk in a lovely bottle or jug. You can't go wrong with a fresh white ceramic jug, and you can enhance your decor by choosing a jug with details that complement your style, such as one with floral embossing for a French Provincial look. Glass jugs are another fantastic option, and these too are wonderful pieces for elevating your decor - try an olive green jug for an organic farmhouse feel, or go for the classic blue featured in Hamptons style. Alternatively, use a large vase or jug instead of a vase, for holding a lush bouquet that will infuse your table setting with natural beauty and serenity.

Napery for Your Dream Table Setting

Your table deserves to be dressed beautifully, and our napery range will help you achieve this dream. White tablecloths are a versatile choice, as they can create either a crisp, sophisticated look, or a cozy vintage feel. If table runners are more your style, we have a wonderful selection of cotton, raw linen, and jute table runners, that will look gorgeous on your coastal or farmhouse styled table. A table runner will add a splash of textural variation and depth to your table, and is the perfect foundation for a sprawling table centrepiece. Placemats and coasters are a necessity for meals, both for their aesthetics and to protect your table. Try matching the patterns of your coasters and placemats for a polished look, or choose a placemat and coaster made from complementary natural materials, such as rattan, raw linen, and wood, to create a cohesive, yet visually varied look. The final touch for curating your dream table setting is placing napkins at each seat or in a holder. Wooden napkin holders with intricately carved details are perfect for achieving a French Provincial aesthetic, and a metal napkin holder with scrolled details and nature imagery would look charming as part of farmhouse inspired decor. To add that special something that will really make a statement and exude lush elegance, opt for linen napkins, and place them in a holder or held delicately in a napkin ring.

Explore our range of dining, kitchen, and tableware and discover the perfect addition to your dream table setting. Elevate the atmosphere and make sure that your event will be unforgettable with French Knot's selection of beautiful dining ware.