Kitchen Linen: Tea towels, aprons and oven mitts

Our lovely selection of kitchen linen adds that perfect finishing touch to your home and brings a smile to your face every day. We select a range of beautiful fabrics that will be perfect for your home, with Hamptons, French provincial and country inspired designs meaning that your kitchen accessories will blend seamlessly into the rest of your space. From pretty tea towels and aprons to charming oven mitts and pot holders.

Pretty colors and quality fabric for your kitchen linen needs

There's nothing quite like the inspiration of a new apron! With a stunning range of linen, from tea towels in charming and classic patterns to that gorgeously stylish new oven glove you've been searching for, French Knot is the place to look for kitchen inspiration. Don't miss the opportunity to add a splash of colour and a captivating design to your kitchen linen needs.

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The Versatility of a Tea Towel: A Must-Have in Every Kitchen

Tea towels are one of the most versatile and useful items for any kitchen. Not only are they perfect for drying dishes and hands, but they're also perfect for a variety of of other tasks. From cleaning up spills to wrapping up fresh produce, tea twoels are an essential tool for any aspiring home cook. They're also great for covering foods such as doughs while they're resting, keeping it warm and protecting it from dust and insects. Whether you prefer a classic cotton tea towel or something more luxurious like a linen tea towel, having a few lying around is sure to make any kitchen task easier and more enjoyable.

Why Choose Quality Tea Towels for Your Kitchen

Quality tea towels have many benefits over their basic counterparts. You'll appreciate the feel and durability of a quality fabric - whether cotton or linen. The unique designs will add just the finishing touch you want to your kitchen and ensure it really is the beautiful heart of your home. A quality teatowel is also extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs such as wiping up spills, drying dishes and even wrapping up freshly baked goods. They also have a beautiful natural texture that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor. They're also easy to clean and maintain, making them the perfect, practical choice for any home cook.