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Love your home with the fresh charm of Hamptons Style decor. A timeless design style that combines beautiful blue and white with luxurious silver chrome accents, natural materials and fresh white for relaxed sophistication. Bring that gorgeous Hamptons style to your Australian home with the help of French Knot's gorgeous range of decor.

A gorgeous Hamptons home

Here at French Knot we love that Hampton look and have sourced accessories, furniture, wall art, cushions, decor and outdoor chairs that all work together to create the perfect look in your home. Our huge range of beautiful pieces are designed to help you create that blue and white coastal vibe with timeless elegance. As with all French Knot decor products, we look for that combination of style and quality with a great price. Explore our collection today and enjoy the blue and white luxe look in your home.

Where did the Hamptons concept come from?

The Hamptons are an iconic region, located on the coast of Long Island, New York, and they have long been a symbol of decadance, luxury and sophistication. The Hamptons design concept originated from area of affluence, a favourite vacation destination the rich and famous for over a century. Hamptons Style is characterised by an elegant and relaxed coastal charm, with an emphasis on natural materials, neutral colour palettes and natural light. This design concept blends classical architectural features as well as as exposed beams and shiplap walls, with mordern furniture and subtle nautical accents, creating a stylish and comfortable living space.

The Hamptons design concept draws inspiration from the area's naturally beautiful surroundings as well as the classic beach homes which have become synonymous with the region. This style of interior design emphasises the creation of a rich and inviting atmosphere, capturing the serenity of coastal living whilst still maintaining a sense of refinement and luxury. Some of the key elements of a Hamptons Style home include crisp whites and soft colours, like sandy beiges or pale blues. Pieces with texture such as rattan, wood or linen further enhance the coastal aesthetic, whilst traditional touches of luxurious furnishings such as large ceramic ginger jars, silver trays and beautiful upholstery will create a timeless appeal. By incorporating the Hamptons design concept into your home, you can achieve a sense of relaxed sophistication within any space.

What actually is Hamptons style?

Hamptons style is a classic, sophisticated design aesthetic, embodying the casual elegance and coastal charm of the Hamptons. This interior design style has gained immense popularity, not just in the United States but also across the globe for its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere within any space. Hamptons style is characterised by a beautiful blend of upmarket luxury with a beachside vibe. Featuring neutral colour palettes, natural materials and an emphasis on comfort and light, it seamlessly combines traditional architectural elements with modern accents in order to create a timeless look, exuding luxury and tranquility.

When designing Hamptons Style spaces, the primary focus is to create an atmosphere which is serene and inviting with a sense of luxury. This can be achieved by using a soft colour palette, often using muted shades of white, beige, cream and pale blues, reflective of the coastal surrounding. Layered onto this neutral base will be a combination of luxurious and tailored furniture pieces that are beautifully crafted yet with a firm focus on comfort. Natural materials like linen, rattan or weathered wood also play a crucial role in the creation of a beach-inspired theme. Furniture pieces used in the Hamptons style are typically large and feature clean lines as well as plush upholstery for a comfortable sitting option. The incorporation of statement lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers or pendant lights can add a touch of sophistication to a space. The decorative touches added to finish a Hamptons Style interior will be an elegant blend of traditional, luxury pieces with nautical motifs. So there will be large ceramic ginger jars, silver trays and crystal vases teamed with some carefully selected beachside pieces including coral, seashells and fishing floats.

What colours are Hamptons style?

Hamptons style is synonymous with calm and soothing colour palettes, drawing inspiration from its coastal origins. This design aesthetic is founded in a range of neutral hues, with shades of white, beige and cream serving as the primary colours. These muted tones provide a sense of warmth and tranquility and serve as an idyllic backdrop in any Hamptons-styled space. Subtle pops of colour serve as a complement to the neutral base such as pale blues, soft greens and greys, evoking imagery of lush landscapes and serene coastal settings. This combination of understated colours as well as carefully selected natural texture and materials results in a harmonious, inviting atmosphere which is both elegant and timeless.

What is a modern Hamptons look?

The modern Hamptons look is an update to its classical counterpart, retaining the essence of coastal elegance whilst incorporating contemporary design elements. This fresh approach to the Hamptons aesthetic achieves a seamless blend of beachside living with the minimalist nature of modern design. The end product is an inviting space which feel sophisticated and current, offering the perfect balance between casual comfort and the timelessness of understated luxury.

In the modern Hamptons look you can find a continued emphasis on the use of neutral colours and natural texture. This stays true to the traditional calm and serene atmosphere, however, contemporary touches are introduced through the use of sleek furniture, minimal design choices and bold accent pieces. Clean lines, geometric patterns and subtle industrial chic such as metallic accents or glass surfaces can elevate the design to a more modern feel. This updated style also places geater emphasis on the use of natural light, incorporating large windows and open floor plans to create bright and airy spaces. Through a fusion of classic coastal charm and contemporary design elements the modern Hamptons look delivers an effortless, stylish and welcoming environment.

What does Hamptons furniture look like?

Hamptons furniture embodies the timeless charm and coastal sophistication of the Hamptons design style, making it the epitome of relaxed elegance. The furniture pieces within a Hamptons-styled home are carefully chosen in order to provide comfort and a visual appeal, with a strong emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship as well as the use of natural materials. Hamptons Style furniture often features classical silhouettes, such as oversized sofas, armchairs and also solid wood dining tables.

The materials used within Hamptons furniture play an important role in creating the desired ambience. Weathered and whitewashed wood is commonly used within the Hamptons style, along with wicker as well as rattan elements which can add texture and warmth within a space. Upholstery in neutral shades, like whites, creams or beiges are typical, with the occasional subtle patterns such as stripes or florals to create a visually interesting space. The furniture within a Hamptons-styled home is designed to create a sense of refined comfort as well as understated luxury, with each piece thoughtfully curated in order to complement the overall design aesthetic. The end result is an inviting space which beautifully showcases the charm and sophisticaion of the Hamptons aesthetic.

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Hamptons Style Bedroom

Create a beautiful Hamptons Style bedroom by mixing and matching some of our gorgeous products and prints or maybe a stylish rattan basket to hold your towels or laundry.


The decor of your room can define your style. Whether you like to change the look and feel annually or you like to keep the overall theme for several years some really well selected pieces can really bring out the best in your place. Whatever your style, we at French Knot have the decor pieces to help.