Rattan furniture & cane furniture online

French Knot offers a range of quality rattan furniture and accessories for your enjoyment. Our stylish rattan trunks would be a great addition to either your living room, dining, kids room, bedroom or office and are extremely versatile. They are perfect to use as extra storage and as seating. We have a great range of handcrafted items including cane chairs that will add a touch of class to almost any room that you choose. If you and your kids enjoy spending time outside then why not consider one of our stylish picnic baskets or a gorgeous handmade piece as patio furniture. Wherever you want to display beautiful natural materials, French Knot will have something that is right for you.

Natural fibre furniture Australia needs

French Knot has been selling homewares, home decor and furniture online for more than 8 years. We are 100% Australian owned and choose our items on the basis of what we believe will appeal to the discerning Australian buyer. French Knot has an outstanding range, with rattan products that work beautifully in a variety of homes. Because we are purely an online based store that sells its homewares nationally, we can offer our gorgeous items to our customers all around the country. We currently have more than 1,600 beautiful items available online for you to choose from.

Buying rattan items online has never been easier with French Knot’s lovely range. Our gorgeous furniture is great to give your home or office an extra touch of natural charm. What about a rattan lounge chair, a bedside table, a side table or a trunk for the kids room? Why go through all of the hassle of having to shop at times that suit somebody else when you can shop at French Knot 24/7 and have your items delivered directly to your door? Enjoy browsing our huge range of items at your leisure, with pieces handpicked to fit into gorgeous home designs.

Rattan decor

Here at French Knot we are constantly tracking home decor trends in the media and at local and international trade shows. We take great effort in hand picking all of our beautiful homewares, home decor and other items from a select group of Australian and overseas suppliers. Almost all of the rattan pieces that we stock are handmade. If we can't find items with the exact look and feel we are after, then we commission suppliers to build bespoke items that an Australian buyer would love and that will be perfect in your home.

How are rattan products made?

Rattan starts its life as a fast growing vine that is common in tropical environments like parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The vines grow extremely long and can regularly grow to 100-150m long. The raw material is generally harvested by hand and cut into 4-5m pieces. The pieces then have the outer husk removed and are dried. Prior to the rattan weaving the pieces are often left to soak in ponds to achieve the different colours that are popular.

The production takes quite a bit of time when you compare it with a factory produced unit as the item is weaved by hand and to precise standards. The craftsmanship is evident in all of our beautiful pieces.

Outdoor Furniture, Tables, Dining, Chairs - the list in endless

Rattan really is used for a broad range of things. In addition to the above items you can find rattan used in dining tables, dining chairs, dining furniture and other dining accessories. It is regularly used in bedroom furniture in items like bedside tables and side tables as well as being used for coffee tables, office furniture and outdoor furniture. If you like beach furniture and wooden style furniture in your home then you are in luck with rattan items as there are so many possibilities. Our trunks are perfect for tidying up the kids bedrooms. Rattan looks great in the home and can look stylish in an office and to top it off you can usually get it for an affordable price.





Once the pieces are ready for weaving, the creation of the various items is still primarily done by hand. Skilled craftspeople will sit on the floor of a factory and use their hands and feet to massage the raw material into a stylish and durable product. Once the weaving has been completed the product will need to be cleaned and dried and quality checked to ensure that it meets French Knot's standards. The product is then shipped to Australia and is held in one of our warehouses awaiting your order.

Wicker furniture - is it the same as rattan?

There is sometimes some confusion in relation to the terms used for this style of furniture. Quite often people will refer to it as wicker furniture. The term wicker actually refers to the process used to create the product, and refers to the style of weaving rather than the material. While it may be made from the same natural material, wicker furniture may also be made from man made materials, cane or bamboo. Unlike pieces made from these manmade materials, French Knot’s rattan furniture is all handcrafted from natural materials by artisans. If the item is rattan then it will have been made from the tropical vine and will likely have been made by hand.

Rattan hand weaved furniture

A beautiful piece of handmade furniture is a great addition to any home. Each piece will be unique as the materials used are natural and vary slightly in size and shape - this gives them that natural and handcrafted look that everyone loves! Rattan comes in a variety of shades, so there really is something for every home. Rattan blends perfectly into a coastal home, and adds that lovely natural charm that we all love. Looking for that perfect unique, handmade, and timeless piece? Check out our current stock here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rattan

What is rattan?

Rattan is a type of long vine that is native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa. It grows in long strands, which makes it perfect for weaving into furniture and decor.

What are the benefits of using rattan?

Rattan furniture is lightweight, durable, and flexible, making it easy to move and rearrange. Rattan is also a natural material, meaning it’s sustainable for the environment. The gorgeous natural charm of this material also means that it’s perfect for incorporating into a variety of styles, and would blend in perfectly to any home, whether it be provincial, coastal or even Hamptons!

What are the differences between rattan and wicker?

Rattan is the material used to make wicker furniture. Wicker refers to the weaving technique used to create the sustainable furniture, while rattan refers to the material itself. Here at French Knot, we stock a variety of pieces made from rattan, including baskets, blanket boxes and furniture such as chairs.

How long does it last?

If the furniture and accessories are maintained properly then they will potentially last for many years. Being a natural product our furniture may be impacted if it is left outside for extended periods and may be damaged by too much direct sunlight. If it is used in a dining area or a bedroom then it will likely last for many years.

Can I use it in the kids bedroom?

Our trunks are a perfect addition to a kids bedroom as they provide a perfect storage space when you are looking to clear up toys etc. They can also be used as a kids dress up box to keep all of their different outfits.

Does it work as outdoor furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture is definitely available but you need to ensure that it has been produced to withstand the elements. Generally, the furniture will be treated with a lacquer or paint to enable it to withstand the sun and the rain. The furniture sold by French Knot is intended for use inside your home.

Can I mix and match in my dining area?

Hand made pieces such as our chairs, trunks and trays can most certainly be mixed and matched with other wooden and hand made pieces. One of the great things about rattan is that it fits with a number of design styles.

How do you maintain rattan?

Maintenance is relatively easy. You can check out our blog here for a full guide on looking after natural fibre furniture.