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Coat Racks

Looking for a beautiful coat rack to add that little bit of elegance to your hallway? French Knot have a whole range of coat racks and wall racks that might be of interest.

Whether you are looking for something that is metallic or you want something in timber that has a bit of a Hamptons feel then we should definitely have something to suit. Check out the French Knot products on offer today.

Hat Racks

Looking for a stylish product on which to store your hats? Our beautiful wall and coat racks make stylish and functional hat racks that are perfect for your sophisticated collection of head gear.

Wall Racks

Wall racks can be as individual as the person buying it. Whether you want something that is vintage industrial or just something that has an antique air about it you should take a look at the wall racks on offer from French Knot.

What are the different uses of a hat rack?

Hat racks are one of the most versatile and practical pieces of furniture, capable of serving various purposes within your home. Perhaps the most obvious use of a hat rick is for organising and displaying hats and coats. Hat racks can keep hats and coats neatly organised and easily accessible, whilst also still showcasing them as a stylish home decor element. Additionally, hat racks provide a convenient way for guests to hang hats and coats when they enter your home, keeping your entryway clean and organised. In a bedroom or dressing area hat racks can help to keep your accessories organised and easily accessible, saving you the time and effort of finding them when you're getting ready. With such practicality and versatility hat racks make a stylish and functional addition to any room in your home.

What is the ideal length of a coat rack?

Depending on the avilable space and the intended use the ideal length of a coat rack can vary. As a general rule coat racks should be long enough to accomodate the number of coats or items you wish to hang without overlapping or overcrowding. Coat racks that are too short may not provide enough space, leading to coats being crammed together or dragging on the floor, whilst one that is too long make take up excessive space or appear disproportionate. Most coat racks should be roughly 24 to 36 inches long to provide adequate hanging space for multiple coats. However, if you have limited wall space a shorter coat rack may be suitable. The most important thing is to consider your avilable space, the number of coats oyu want to hang as well as the overall aesthetic of the room to determine the perfect length of your coat rack.