Choose classic elegance - graceful vases - the perfect vase.

Looking for a new centrepiece for your table? Perhaps that perfect piece of decor for your bookshelf? French Knot's gorgeous range of vases means that you will always be sure to find that new beautiful object for your home. Be it French Provincial or Hamptons, find a statement vase that fits your style at French Knot.

Whether a piece of decor or a new home for a bouquet, vases can offer both style and functionality. By itself, a well-designed vase can set an atmosphere - but filled with flowers, it becomes an object of function and beauty.

For your French provincial decor or your Hamptons home - there is the right vase for you in our lovely collection.

Blue And White Vases

Hampton blue and white vase in elegant patterns, cut glass vases glistening in the light, subdued ceramic or glossy country style pottery, enjoy selecting a blue and white vase from our collection that you can use and treasure for many years.

Timeless Style Add Them To Your Shopping List

Have you ever admired what you thought was a beautiful contemporary vase only to find that it was actually decades old. True style never goes out of fashion and if you buy the perfect piece for your home that piece will likely be in the family for some time to come.

Tall White Vase

Can anything look as elegant as a tall white vase? Why settle for one, why not buy a matching set to put at each end of your mantelpiece or have them strategically placed around the room.

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What are the best shaped vases?

The choice of what vase shape is 'best' is a matter of personal preference. Vases come in a wide range of shapes, each with its unique charm and suitability for different types of flowers and occasions.

For instance, if you prefer a classic and versatile option, consider a cylindrical. Its straight, tall design will work well with a variety of flowers and is suitable for formal and informal arrangements. On the other hand, if you're aiming for a minimalist look or have delicate blooms, bud vases are an excellent choice. They're small and designed to hold a single flower or a very small bouquet.

Show Stopping Vase and Flowers

For larger, show-stopping blooms such as lilies or peonies, a trumpet vase with a flared top is perfect. It allows these blossoms to shine and makes for an elegant display. If you lean towards a modern aesthetic, a square or cube-shaped vase with clean lines may be more your preference. These vases pair well with contemporary arrangements. Hourglass or tapered vases are unique with their waist-like shape, adding visual interest to your arrangements. They are versatile and can accommodate a variety of flower types.

These are only just some of the different types of vases and ultimately the best vase shape for you is the one that aligns with your style and complements the flowers you want to showcase. Experimenting with different vase shapes can enhance the ambience you want to create and can lead to creative and stunning floral arrangements tailored to your taste and needs.

What is the meaning of the word vases?

The word 'vases' refers to containers, typically made from glass, ceramic or metal, that are designed to hold flowers or decorative items for aesthetics. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and are often used to display cute flowers or as decorative pieces to enhance the beauty of a space. Vases can both be practical and artistic, serving as vessels for arrangements that contribute to the overall aesthetics of homes, offices or event settings. The word 'vases' is commonly used in the context of interior decor, floral arrangements and art appreciation.