Coasters - The Perfect Coaster For Your Table

Welcome to French Knot's carefully curated collection of coasters, each meticulously designed to protect your surfaces in style. From sleek minimalist designs to intricately crafted sets, our coasters blend functionality with aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday moments.

Quality Coaster Craftsmanship, Lasting Protection

Indulge in the quality of our coasters, crafted from premium materials such as marble, cork and high-quality wood. Each piece has been meticulously designed to provide your drinkware with a stable and stylish base whilst safeguarding your tables and countertops from unsightly stains and marks. Our coasters aren't just functional, they're a testament to superior craftsmanship, promising durability and lasting protection.

Versatile Designs for Every Decor

Explore our versatile range of coaster designs, tailored to complement a variety of decor styles. From modern geometric patterns to classic monograms, our collection offers an array of options to match your interior aesthetics. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of neutral tones or the vibrant allure of colourful coasters our selection will ensure that you find the perfect set to enhance your home.

Elegance in Every Detail

Experience the elegance of our coaster designs, where every detail is carefully considered. From precision-cut edges to smooth finishes, our coasters exude sophistication. Choose from coasters with artistic prints or delicate inlays adding a touch of personality to your table settings.

Safeguard Your Surfaces in Style

Enhance your drinkware presentation with our exquisite coaster collection, where function meets flair. Explore our curated range, thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Transform your coffee breaks and evening gatherings into sophisticated affairs, protecting your surfaces with coasters that reflect your refined taste and attention to detail. Let your tables shine, adorned with coasters that aren't just functional but are sure to impress.