Long doormats for every entrance - indoor mats & outdoor mats

Having trouble finding the perfect door mat to fit your door? Look no further with French Knot's gorgeous collection of long doormats, perfect for wide or sliding doors. Our special size doormats mean that you will be able to find something to welcome guests into any home.

The perfect door mat is an essential for making your house feel like a home. With a range spanning a variety of colours and materials, including traditional brown coir and black rubber as well as well as more unique and modern designs. Our doormats are perfect to put out on the back deck, offering both an extra element of design and stopping grubby footprints from getting inside.

Double door mat

Whether you are looking for the perfect long doormat to put outside your modern home in the Sydney suburbs or something to put on the back porch of your Hamptons cottage in Melbourne, take a look at French Knot's lovely selection to find the perfect piece for your home. Start your decor at the front door with one of our superior long doormats. Choose your style from this chic collection.

Outdoor Mat

Looking for the perfect all-weather mat to use on your deck or patio? Take a look at some of the mats that French Knot have on offer. Need an entrance mat for people to wipe their feet on when leaving the garden? We are likely to have something to suit. Whether you need a waterproof mat or a patio mat you should check us out.