Candle Holders - Candlesticks - Candelabras

Nothing brings the same combination of elegance and a warm welcome as a lovely candlestick, candelabra or candle holder atop a dining table or chest of drawers. Whatever your style or the size that you need, French Knot's range of candle decor will have something that suits you and your home.

Here at French Knot we have a great range of Hampton's style holders, wooden candle holders, silver ones, glass candle holder, candle stands, snuffers, coastal rattan hurricanes, tealight candles, candelabras plus more. These items make great gifts and always add a wonderful ambience to a home. We are sure that you and your friends will be enjoying them for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for your dining table, decor for your living room, a snuffer for your candelabra, a holder that takes a tealight candle or a classic candle stick, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your home at French Knot.

Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders can give your home a touch of rustic charm. The beauty of wood brings a warm and authenticity to your home decor. Tall slender wooden candlesticks are lovely to place in the middle of your dining table for a special occasion. Large, decorative wooden holders can be exactly the accessory you need to style your mantelpiece or console table. Whatever the style that you are wanting to achieve, we can help you get there.

Gold Candlesticks

Looking for some beautiful gold candle holders? Capture the beauty and glamour of real gold without the price tag with our gorgeous range of imitation gold candlesticks and hurricanes. Stunning candle holders with lovely metallic finishes - from antique vintage styles to sleek modern glamour - French Knot has something to make every home feel special.

Tall Candle Holders

Oversized or tall candle holders are amazing pieces that add impact to your home's interior. One or two oversized candle holders will create a focal point and impressive statement when displayed on your console table or to style your mantelpiece. Tall candlesticks can also really make your table look elegant and inviting to guests. Why not treat your family and friends to some real luxury by having a well-decorated table. Whether it be for a special occasion or just a well-deserved catch-up, a tall candle holder can really help to create a great atmosphere.

Black Candle Holder

Whether you are looking for a black hurricane lantern or black candlesticks we can help you with a black candle holder for your table.

Candle Lanterns

A candle lantern is a great way to add a softer more sophisticated light to your table or your room. French Knot has some beautiful candle lanterns as well as candles in glass containers that will impress your guests and make them feel at home in your home.


A candelabra can be a great addition to your home and exudes glamour and traditional style. We have some beautiful candelabras for you to choose from. They make a perfect centrepiece for your table and are sure to add a touch of style to any occasion.

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What is an Artificial Candle?

Artificial candles, also called flameless or LED candles are a safe and convenient alternative to traditional wax candles. They are designed to mimic the appearance and ambience of a real candle using battery-powered LED lights to create a warm, flickering glow that closely resembles the gentle flicker of a real candle flame. They are made from materials such as wax, plastic, or silicone and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs allowing for seamless integration into any home decor style.

One of their primary benefits over regular candles is the added safety. Without an open flame there is no risk of fire or injury, making them ideal for use in households with small children, pets or people with sensitivities or allergies to scented candles. Additionally, they are hassle-free as they don't produce smoke, soot or drip wax to clean up. Many flameless candles also have built-in timers or remote controls which allow for easy customisation of lighting duration as well as intensity. With their realistic nature, safety benefits and reduced maintenance compared to their burning counterparts, artificial candles are an undeniably smart choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within your home decor.

We stock a high-quality range of flameless candles and matching remote controls. Made from beautiful pure wax, they feature a classic flat top and an artificial flame that flickers so realistically, that people will ask you if the candle is real! These will give you up to 1000 hours of light from a single set of batteries making them outstanding value. Browse our range of Flameless Artificial Candles and Remotes.

How Long Do Tealight Candles Last?

Tealight candles are small, versatile candles that typically last between 3 and 5 hours when burning. Made from a combination of wax, metal or plastic containers, tealight candles are designed to provide compact sources of light and ambience for a limited time. Their short burning time makes them safe and hence ideal for use during events such as dinner parties or romantic evenings. Keep in mind that the actual burn time may vary depending on the specific tea candle brand and the type of wax it uses.

Do All Candles Burn at the Same Rate?

Many different factors can impact the burn rate of a candle. While it may seem tempting to assume that all candles burn at the same rate, that isn't always the case. Many factors such as the type of wax, size of the wick, fragrance or even the candle's shape and size can impact how quickly a candle burns. For instance, soy candles tend to burn more slowly than paraffin candles thanks to their lower melting point, while candles with larger wicks may burn at a faster rate but also produce more soot. Additionally, candles that have higher fragrance content tend to burn faster as the extra chemicals or oils used in the scent are also flammable. Even a candle's shape and size can affect how evenly it burns as wider candles tend to burn faster in the centre and slower on the edge, causing a slower rate of burning. So, while all candles create a cosy ambience for your home, it is important to consider that not all candles burn at the same rate, and it's essential to follow proper candle care guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Do All of My Candle Holders Need to Match?

The simple answer is no, your candle holders don't all need to match. Mixing and matching your candle holders can create a unique, eclectic look within your home. Mixing different types of candle holders adds visual interest to your space and allows you to play with different heights, shapes or styles to better reflect your style. However, if your preference is a more cohesive and coordinated look, matching candle holders that use common elements such as colour, material, or design theme tie them together. Ultimately, the choice is yours, whether you decide to mix and match your candle holders or get a matching set the important thing is to ensure they are safe, stable and appropriate for the types of candles you're using.

Do You Stock Glass Candle Holders

If a glass candle holder is what you are looking for then we have a great variety of glass ones to choose from.

Can You Use Candle Lanterns Outside

Absolutely, however you should never leave candles unattended, especially outside and if you are using your candle lantern outside then you should be especially careful of rain as water could cause the glass to crack.

Does Your Candlestick Holder Fit A standard Size Candle

Candles come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes and our candlestick holders will take candles that are regularly available to buy.

Do You Stock Tea Light Holders

Yes, we have a broad range of candle holders for tealight candles in stock. If you are after a tea light holder then you should check out our stock.