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Planter Pots - Hamptons style plant pots for your home or garden - Get a beautiful plant pot

French Knot have a delightful range of Hamptons style planter pots in white ceramic, blue ceramic and pretty floral ceramic.

Planter pots for any home

These pots would look perfect in a Hamptons style lounge room, kitchen or garden. Use our gorgeous assortment of planter pots to add some greenery into your living room or add some plants to your bedroom. Our beautiful ceramic pots come decorate with gorgeous handpainted designs that will be a delight to see every day. Shipped to your door Australia wide.

Can you use planters inside?

Yes, you most definitely can use planters inside. Whether made from ceramic, metal or handwoven from natural materials, a planter is the perfect way to display your indoor plants around the home. It's easy to simply pop your favourite plant with its plastic pot into one of these to completely transform the look and add the perfect decorative touch to your decor. Whether storing plants or as a storage solution planters can be a versatile addition to your home decor. Beyond the traditional usecase of holding plants, planters and planter baskets can also be used as a decorative accent or storage solution for various different homewares. For instance, you could use a planter as a unique utensil holder in your kitchen, use one as a bowl for keys or other small items in your entryway. They can also be used to hold rolled towels or toiletries in a bathroom, or as a unique centrepiece on your dining table. With such a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes available planters add a touch of personality and functionality to your home whilst still complementing your interior design aesthetic.

Using planters indoors is a stylish way to bring the benefits and beauty of plants into your home. With the right choice of planter and an appropriate plant selection, you can create a green oasis inside your living space. Planters come in a wide range of materials, designs and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect one for your home decor. From small succulents in a cute ceramic planter to larger statement plants in decorative pots, having a planter indoors can add a touch of nature and bring an aesthetic appeal to your home.

Are your planters just decorative?

While planters can certainly serve as a decorative element within your home, they also offer practical functionality beyond their aesthetic appeal. Planters can also provide a space for indoor plants to grow and thrive, creating a healthy indoor environment. They can help to regulate moisture levels and also provide proper drainage to help prevent overwatering for your plants. Additionally, they can be used as storage solutions for various items, such as utensils in your kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, or for small items in your office or living room. So, while planters most definitely enhance the visual appeal of your home, they also offer practicality beyond being purely decorative.

What is a planter made from?

Planters can be made from a wide range of materials, giving you endless options to suit your style, budget and needs. Some of the most popular materials used in making planters include glass, ceramic, metal, wood, plastic or concrete. Ceramic planters are the most common, known for durability and versatility and also coming in various colours textures and shapes. Metal planters can add a vintage or even an industrial feel to your space, while basket planters bring a touch of warmth and natural beauty. Concrete planters are durable and can be used for larger plants in outdoor settings. Each material has its own unique advantages and characteristics, allowing you to choose the planter and material that best fits your aesthetic preferences, budget and usecase.

What type of plants can be used in an indoor planter?

Indoor plant pots can be a versatile and stylish way to showcase a wide variety of plants in your home. Depending on the light available for your plant, the temperature of the space and also the humidity levels, there is a diverse range of plants that thrive in indoor environments. Some of the most popular plants for indoor planters are succulents, known for their low maintenance and water saving capabilities. Leafy green plants, like ferns, snake plants and pothos are also popular choices for indoor planters thanks to their ability to thrive in low light conditions. Other common choices for indoor plants include plants like orchids, African violets and peace lillies. Herbs, such as rosemary, basil or mint can also be grown indoors close to a good light source to provide fresh ingredients right at your fingertips. When choosing plants for indoor planters make sure to consider the lighting conditions as well as other environmental factors inside your home to ensure that your plants can thrive.

Indoor plant pots

These indoor plant pots are ideal for displaying your favourite indoor plants or even for displaying some beautiful fake plants. Why not go for a theme in one room and then mix and match in another. They will really brighten up your home.