More than a pin board - A stylish ribbon board

French Knot ribbon boards are truly the stylish way to display your mementoes, notes and reminders. Much more than a pin board, these versatile ribbon notice boards can be used with or without pins, and even with pegs, giving you so much flexibility. Our fabric French memo boards make fantastic photo boards, home office notice boards and are ideal in children's rooms. See fabric pin boards.

The perfect photo board

Use a French knot fabric pin board as a photo board to display your favourite photos or postcards without damaging them. Simply slide the corners of your photos under the ribbon or twin to create your individual memory board on one of our beautiful fabric designs. See ribbon notice boards.

The beautiful home office notice board

Are you put off by ugly corkboard and sick of unsightly blu-tack on the walls? Transform your office or family room display wall with a French Knot memo board. A beautiful and practical home accessory, we make our notice boards in a wide range of colours to suit your home decor. We make a variety of sizes and can even custom make our pin boards to suit you. See our custom made fabric notice boards where you can choose your size and colour.

Ideal notice boards for children

With no need for pins, a French Knot ribbon memo board is ideal for use as a notice board in children's rooms. Perfectly safe for little hands - no pins means no pricked fingers and no pins on the floor! Our children''s notice boards come in a range of popular colours for both boys and girls. See ribbon notice boards for girls. See ribbon notice boards for boys.

A perfect bulletin board

Don't forget that we can make all our designs in any of our larger sizes and can mix and match our fabrics, ribbons and buttons to make the perfect notice board for your home. Think of all of the pin boards, notice boards and bulleting boards that you can replace with a custom designed French memo board. Your kids can use these boards for important reminders for school or college. You may also want to have one in your office to display some photo's of the family and keep important messages on. Options with our boards are endless. They can be wall mounted or can just lean against a wall. You can use pins with them or just use the ribbons. You can use them as bulletin boards, a display board or simply a photo board.

And if you have any other requirements, please do contact us to ask!




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