Wall Hooks, Coat Hooks or Decorative Rack

Need a hook or rack to hang your clothes, hat or your coat? French Knot have a great range of decorative wall mounted racks and hooks that will look perfect in your place.

Wall hooks for any space

Whether you want a modern hat rack or you want something with a classic look for your entryway storage, we are sure that there will be something that fits. Our range would make the perfect addition to your hallway as a spot to hang your coat or as a place to put your keys and bag at the end of the day. Our wide variety of wall hooks and coat racks means that you are certain to find that perfect piece you have been looking for to tie your home together.

We bring you a curated collection of unique and stylish hooks so that you're able to find the perfect pieces to add style and personality to your space. Our range of wall hooks includes pieces in black, white, silver, brass as well as pieces with characterful rustic styling. There are lots of decorative options to choose from at French Knot.

Wall hooks are a versatile and practical solution, perfect for displaying various items in a functional yet decorative way. In the entryway or mudroom, wall hooks can be used to store coats, hats, scarves or umbrellas, kepping your space tidy and also making it easy for your family members or guests to find their belongings. Additionally you can use wall hooks in a living room or bedroom to showcase artwork, tapestries or any decorative items, adding a personal touch to your space.

In a kitchen, wall hooks help to organise utensils, aprons or tea towels. You can also use them in the bathroom for towels, robes or even toiletries bags. By incorporating wall hooks throughout your home, you can create an efficient and attractive storage solution which caters to your own individual unique needs and preferences.

How high should you hang a wall hook?

How high you should hang your wall hooks depends on where you're going to use them and what for. A good general rule of thumb is between 165cm and 180cm for most things. However, for children's rooms or play areas consider hanging them at a lower height, about 120cm from the floor, to allow for easy access.

In the bedroom or bathroom, where hooks can be used for robes or towels choose a height of roughly 150cm. Ultimately, the most important thing to consider is the functionality and visual appeal of their height within the context of your space and needs.

How far apart should coat hooks be placed?

The space between coat hooks should be determined by the items they're holding. A general guideline is if you're hanging items like coats, hats or bags to allow about 20cm to 30cm between hooks. This spacing ensures that items are easily accessible and removable whilst maintaining an organised and visually appealing display.

Hat hooks

Sometimes you just need something to get all of those hats and coats under control. We have a great range of hat hooks to help you keep your place looking neat.

Where can you use wall hooks in your house?