As Seen In: Mother's Day Gifts - Home Beautiful May 2024

Mother's Day Gifts

As we step into May, the air tinged with the last of springs delicate bloom, it brings a warmth that goes beyond temperature - a celebration of maternal love. The latest issue of Home Beautiful magazine has commemorates this sentiment in their May 2024 issue with a stunning Mothers Day feature. Lucy Gough's elegant styling is aptly complemented by Alana Landsberry's evocative photography, weaving a visual narrative that resonates with familial warmth and sophisticated charm.

Gifts for Mother's Day

The thoughtfully curated collection, inspired by the love and appreciation for all mothers, is featured in an exquisite editorial, bringing to life a range of products from French Knots Mother's Day Gifts Collection.

We are so delighted to see our favourite wooden Bramley Pear and Bramley Apple featured - beautiful craftsmanship that invokes the nostalgia of traditional orchards and family gatherings. The organic shapes and natural wood grains blend seamlessly with any decor, suggesting a return to simplicity and the organic roots of motherhood.

Then there is the Lorenzo Silver Bee Trinket Box, a whimsical yet elegant homage to nature's diligent workers. It is a charming piece that mothers can use to safeguard their trinkets and treasures. The lustrous silver and the delicate bee motif make it a lifelong favourite.

No less charming is the Columbine Vase, whose elegant silhouette is beautifully decorated with a soft blue and creamy white glaze and handpainted floral motifs. Filled with fresh blooms, its a symbol of the life and color that mothers bring into our homes.

Lastly, the Vegetable Brush - an item that turns the mundane into the delightful. With its natural bristles and charming design, it elevates the everyday act of cooking into a ritual of care and love, reflecting the nurturing nature of mothers.

Lucy Gough's styling brings these items into a harmonious symphony, her eye for detail and understanding of space making each item stand out while contributing to a cohesive look. For those looking to bring a touch of Home Beautiful's Mothers Day elegance into their homes, the curated collection at French Knot is a treasure trove. Its more than just products; its an invitation to create spaces that celebrate the nurturing spirit of motherhood all year round.


Stylist: Lucy Gough, Photographer: Alana Landsberry

Publication: Home Beautiful Magazine, May 2024