As Seen In: Farmhouse Pantry, Home Beautiful March 2024

The March 2024 issue of Home Beautiful magazine offers a delightful glimpse into the art of pantry styling thats both rustic and chic, courtesy of the talented stylist Lucy Gough and the accomplished photographer Nic Gossage. With a pastoral palette and a collection of carefully chosen accoutrements from French Knots Kitchen Collection, this feature is a veritable blueprint for creating a country-style pantry and kitchen thats as welcoming as it is functional.

Lucy Gough has an unparalleled ability to blend utility with charm, transforming everyday kitchen essentials into elements of decor. The Henrietta Shelf-Sitter Chicken perches whimsically amongst jars and dishes, bringing a touch of whimsy to the practical space. Goughs styling suggests that a pantry can be both a well-organised larder and an extension of one's personal style.

Rattan bread baskets

The Milton Rattan Bread Baskets, crafted with natural fibres, evoke memories of freshly baked loaves and pastoral picnics. They are not just a storage solution but a statement piece that speaks to the rustic aesthetic of a country kitchen. Paired with the Wilson Paper Towel Holder, these elements underscore the balance of beauty and practicality.

Pantry storage

The Palmer Glass Storage Jars offer a see-through charm, displaying pantry staples like grains and pulses, turning them into part of the kitchen's decor. Meanwhile, the Vintage Gold Handled Scissors and the Traditional Straw Mini Broom are not mere tools but accessories that bring a nostalgic and functional flair to the heart of the home.

Other items such as Vintage Rolling Pins, Brass Measuring Cups, Ceramic Salt Pigs, and Butter Dishes are the building blocks of a well-appointed country kitchen. Each item, with its unique form and function, contributes to the collective story of a space that's meant for gathering, cooking, and sharing.

Explore the Kitchen Collection

At French Knot, these items are available for those inspired to create their own farmhouse kitchen charm. The curated Kitchen Collection offers everything needed to replicate the warm, inviting atmosphere featured in Home Beautiful. It's a reminder that the most beloved spaces are crafted with attention to both their visual appeal and their utility.

Gough's knack for creating inviting spaces and Gossages ability to bottle the magic with his camera is a reminder that our kitchens and pantries are more than just rooms; they are canvases for expressing our tastes and preferences. This feature serves as inspiration to blend the traditional with the modern, the functional with the beautiful, creating spaces that are not just for cooking but for living.


Stylist: Lucy Gough, Photographer: Nic Gossage

Publication: Home Beautiful Magazine, March 2024