As Seen In: Country Style February 2024

Sitting Pretty

This February, the cosy corners of Country Style Magazine are adorned with the timeless beauty of cottage style, showcasing how small touches can transform a house into a home with timeless elegance and rustic charm.

We were so excited to see some of our favourite pieces featured in this gorgeous shoot styled by the talented stylist Kate Lincoln and photographed by Kristina Soljo.

The Amalfi Round Rattan Tray, not just a tray but a statement piece, is perfect on the charming striped ottoman, holding a delicate teacup and a book - a perfect setup for a leisurely afternoon. Its natural textures provide a contrast that's both visually striking and heartwarmingly inviting. Perched nearby, the Brass Dragonfly Sculpture captures the imagination, lending an air of whimsy to the space. This delightful piece doubles as a conversation starter, marrying the elegance of brass with the carefree joy of a summer garden.

Elsewhere in the magazine, the Antique Gold Clock speaks of heritage and history. This piece isn't just a timekeeper; it's a testament to the grace of bygone eras, destined to become a beloved part of your family's story.

The Evie Glass Trinket Jar, with its decoratively ribbed glass and gleaming lid, provides a home for your treasures, while the St Charbel Antique Silver Chamberstick beckons with the allure of Victorian nights, casting a soft glow on quiet evenings.

Be it a quiet nook for reading or a warm and welcoming living room, French Knot's featured selections in Country Style Magazine weave a tapestry of style and function that's as unique as it is timeless. Discover how to bring a touch of this Cottage Core charm into your own space - browse all our Country Style Collection.


Stylist: Kate Lincoln, Photographer: Kristina Soljo

Publication: Country Style Magazine, February 2024