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Beautiful and Decorative Vases

A vase is an object that every home must have. The more different sizes and shapes that you own, the more options you allow for your home decor and ambience.

At a minimum, every home needs two vases, one large for big displays and at least one small for those sweet little bouquets that can brighten up bedroom side tables and alcoves.

At French Knot we have a specially selected range, you are sure to find just the right piece that matches your style.

The shape of a vase is always so important. It should serve as a container for beautiful flowers but also be an object of charm itself, and ideally a tasteful vase can be a classic addition to any room just by itself.

The colour of the vase is also a key consideration. The vase should complement and never clash with the colours of the flowers it contains. Though extremely distinctive vases like midnight black with gold lips can be a sensuous setting for red roses, the safer more versatile tone is a talc or bone white colour. Choosing a neutral colouring allows any shade of flower to dominate the setting and the flowers should ideally always be the dominant feature, rarely the vase itself.

Pick A Vase Perfect For You

The material that the vase is fashioned from is very much a question of your style and the ambience you want the vase to allude to. Transparent glass vases that catch and glint in the sunlight or lamplight have their own allure and offer a view of the flower stalks that can be delightful and wholesome but take care to regularly change the water! Pottery is a common type of ceramic for shapely vases but those white glazes also have their place, a shining surface is an added feature that creates a pristine effect and also adds to the shapeliness of the vase by accentuating the lines and contour. It all depends on whether you simply prefer a pretty container for flowers or a beautiful vase.

A Beautiful Vase For Your Home

French Knot's range includes vases that reflect the taste of French Provincial and Hampton's style and each piece is unique in its attributes. Our classic Mariposa Oriental vase has an aura that evokes lovely beauty whether it holds a display of flowers or not, but the deep dark blues and white petal highlights of the pattern are carried to another level by a display of Daffodils or peach Peonies. Our Selene pale blue ceramic vases are perfect with white or pink Carnations and the classic creme vases from our selection will enable any hue of blossoming petals to take the stage and delight every eye that looks upon them. 

Something Truly Special

Our Selene pale blue ceramic vases are perfect with white or pink Carnations and the classic creme vases from our selection will enable any hue of blossoming petals to take the stage and delight every eye that looks upon them. Whether you've received Red Roses or Jonquils or stately white Orchids - with your vases from French Knot you'll know you can display the flowers in a stylish charming object of functional beauty.

One more important thought is which room is best suited for certain vases. Some vases can be perfectly adequate, whether they are decorating the living room, the kitchen or the sunroom, and yet others have a specific aura, and they are best displayed in sunlight and other vases need to be placed by lamplight and need more subtle lighting.

The living room of your home absolutely must have a vase that perfectly complements the decor. Usually it should be a middle to larger sized vase.

A hallway table should also be complemented by a certain vase, a shape that will hold a bouquet but also project a sense of your style to your guests as they enter your home. A vase for the kitchen doesn't need to be ostentatious or refined but it should be large enough to take those cuttings from the garden and be pretty but robust for those times that the kitchen becomes a gathering place for chatter and the making of feasts.

Bedrooms also will need a vase from time to time. What better way to welcome a treasured guest than a turned down bed and small bouquet of fresh flowers in a cut glass vase that catches the lamplight.

A special vase from the French Knot selection is always a great gift, especially for house warmings and for friends setting up that new house of their very own. A tasteful stylish vase is a present that carries on giving delight over the years, its always a tender reminder of your thoughtfulness and friendship.

No home is complete without a selection of vases and no-one ever wants to be the recipient of a lovely bunch of flowers without a vase to adequately display the beautiful present of a fresh bouquet.

A Beautiful Classic Vase

View our range of classic shapely vases, we are sure you'll find a beautiful vase to display the gifts from friends and relatives and lovers and even that bunch of blossoming beauty from your garden will always have its place to displayed. A vase of beautiful flowers is a lovely delight that brightens every home, it lifts the spirit and gladdens each day in a special way. A fine well-designed vase is a home decor essential, and two or three in different tones and sizes are de rigeur for a home of style and relaxed refinement.