Lula Rattan Storage Basket for IKEA Kallax Shelves


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Designed to fit into your Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit, this handy storage basket is handwoven from whole cane and comes in a lovely antique grey cane.

Basket for Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit

Featuring a neat handle, this basket can be used as a drawer in the cubby hole shelves of your Kallax Shelving Unit. The whole rattan canes used mean that this basket will be strong and sturdy and the beautiful antique grey colour will add a lovely handmade ambience that you'l love.

These baskets are a versatile storage item and can be used on shelves, under console tables, in your pantry or on their own.

Measures 32cm tall, 32cm wide and 37cm front to back.

Please note that as handmade items, these sizes are approximate and may vary a little from one basket to another. This should not be considered a fault but in the nature of handwoven items.

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  • 32cm tall
  • 32cm wide
  • 37cm front to back
  • Handwoven from rattan

Note that measurements are approximate as this item is handwoven from natural materials.

About Rattan

Rattan is a beautiful material for making baskets that naturally grows in very long canes perfect for weaving. To create a basket, the canes are cut down and then the long bundles are soaked in water for a few weeks to produce this lovely aged, warm grey colour known locally as 'kubu'. It is a very strong material that is perfect for making lightweight yet very sturdy pieces.

Rattan Care
As a natural material, rattan is sensitive to its environment and a little bit of care and attention will keep it at its best.

  • Keep your rattan out of direct sunlight and do not keep it where it can get wet from rain. The sun can cause the colour of the rattan to change and it can also cause it to dry and split.
  • Brush your rattan on a regular basis to remove dust and prevent the growth of mildew. If you live in a humid climate, make sure to do this more often. Using a brush allows you to get into the gaps in the weaving to keep the chair free of dust and dirt.
  • To clean the rattan, simple wipe it down with a damp (not wet) cloth dipped in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Do not over wet the rattan and do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives. Make sure it can dry quickly.
  • If something is spilled on it, clean it straight away. Colours from the spill can be absorbed into the natural material so don't leave it.
  • As a handwoven item, if you notice any rattan canes or poles that have become unwoven, simply slip them back into their original position by hand.

Some variations in the canes used in the weaving are to be expected as it is a natural material. These are not considered imperfections but are inherent to the character of a natural handwoven product.