Sienna Short Whitewash Rattan Tray



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This is a beautiful slender, low profile tray perfect for using in smaller spaces for a harmonious effect. Beautiful, top quality rattan with a fresh, whitewash finish - this tray is both practical and stunning in any interior. 

  • Place in the centre of your table to display a vase of flowers and use as a table centrepiece.
  • Use to serve bread rolls or condiment bottles at the table. 
  • Place on your coffee table as handy storage for your remote controls.
  • Use in the bathroom to hold small towels and toiletries.

Trays like these have such intrinsic beauty that they make an ideal way to display a collection of your favourite home decor items. 

The high quality weaving on this item gives it great strength and looks gorgeous. Measures approx 35cm long, 15cm wide and 3cm deep. Also available in brown rattan.

*Note that this is a handmade item so there can be slight variations between items which should not be considered imperfections.

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