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Yes - we are despatching daily!

At French Knot we believe that our community comes first. Caring for our staff, customers and colleagues like delivery drivers and suppliers is paramount. We always remind ourselves and our staff that we are working to live not living to work. So when the COVID-19 crisis started to escalate, we listened to the public health experts and took immediate steps.

How we are working

Since Monday 16 March all staff that can work from home have been working from home. That includes customer service. So please bear with us as we can no longer just pop along the shelves to check details products for you! We will have to ask the warehouse staff to do that and then get back to you with the answers to your queries.

Warehouse staff are distancing and working in shifts to reduce the number of people there at any one time and to ensure that appropriate sanitisation of the workspace can occur regularly. They say they miss the rest of us! We certainly miss them and we look forward to when the team can all be together again. So far everything is going smoothly and all despatches are going out seamlessly.

Australia Post and other couriers are also making sure to distance and reduce contact. They wash their hands thoroughly after loading and unloading their trucks. They should also be placing your deliveries on the ground for you to pick up so as to reduce the possibility of contact with your hands. Feel free to ask them to do so.

Delays due to COVID-19 

Due to social distancing required in Australia Post's facilities, there has been a limit to the number of staff that can be working at any one time. This does mean there are some delays being experienced as the volume of parcels has increased. Please bear with us as our carriers do their best to keep their employees safe and to process the parcels and get them delivered as quickly as possible.

Warehouse visits

Please help us to maintain distancing if you visit the warehouse. We are required to ensure correct spatial distancing for the safety of our customers and staff and we do appreciate all the help you can give us.

If you do need to collect an order, we can place it outside the warehouse for you to collect but you will need to have paid for it online first. To check how to place an order for pick up at the warehouse, check our Deliveries page for details. Call us on 02 9146 4720 to arrange a suitable collection time as the warehouse may be open for shorter hours depending on the day. 

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your understanding while we all adapt to all the changes necessary at a time like this. We hope you and your families stay safe and well! We are all on deck to answer queries so please feel free to email us at or give us a call on 02 9146 4720 and we'll be happy to chat.

With best wishes,

French Knot Team

Date posted: 2020-03-27 | posted by: hay2tack

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