Tissue Box Covers

We know that tissue boxes are guaranteed to be in most homes and often take attention away from the natural design of your home. At French Knot, we feel that even the most simple items in your home should be beautifully made.

If you are looking for a tasteful and inexpensive way to add a little style to your room then a tissue box cover may be your perfect solution. Turn an everyday home product into a stylish piece of homeware decor. A tissue box cover in a funky design can easily add a splash of colour or pizzazz to a neutral room. You have the flexibility to buy and choose from a wide range of patterns, colours and materials from our online store French Knot.

Our wide range of high quality materials that are used to create our luxurious tissue box covers include rattan, leather, wood and even ceramic. Whether you choose to buy a tissue box cover that blends in with the natural style of your home or pick a pattern or material that provides the room with added vitality, unleash your inner creativity and browse our online website today. Choose from a timeless and classic white wooden tissue box cover that embraces the French Country lifestyle of your home or a cream leather cover that will coordinate with a more modern feel.

Many of our finely crafted tissue box covers make excellent gifts that you can easily buy online directly. By slipping a designer tissue box cover over the sub standard tissue boxes that you purchase from your local supermarket, you are instantly adding a level of elegance and sophistication to the rooms in your house. Get creative and think of ways a tissue box cover can add spark to any room. This may include using one as the standout feature on your bedside table or even be used to add some taste and colour to your desk.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Are you on a tight budget and are currently redecorating your home? At French Knot we understand that this can be an overwhelming and expensive experience. Keep it simple yet tasteful. Browsing and buying online at French Knot has never been more convenient. By choosing to design your home online with simple ideas such as a tissue box cover, you are creatively making the most of the space and products in your home. Order and buy off our reliable and easy to navigate online store for the most deluxe tissue box covers that are on the market. With no compromise in quality, we ensure that you are receiving high quality products for the best value. Take your time to browse French Knot today for a range of diverse and unique tissue box covers that will enhance the design and sophistication of any room in your house.

Rattan Trunks

If you are after a stylish yet durable piece of storage furniture that is convenient and affordable then a rattan trunk could be exactly what you are looking for.

Rattan trunks are lightweight yet solid pieces of furniture that can grace your home on the inside and out. With a range of styles and colours, give your home a personal touch and choose to buy one that will suit your vision of your ultimate dream home.

Rattan trunks are very lightweight in nature, making them very easy to move around anywhere in the home. You can choose to conveniently store extra pillows at the end of your bed or alternatively have one located in your family lounge room and fill it with loose household items. Let your creative side run wild and even use your rattan trunk as a bedside table. Not only is this stylish but also provides you with essential extra storage space. It is clear that the possibilities of how to use your rattan trunk are endless. All of our finely woven rattan trunks are available to buy online today and a beautifully finished to the highest quality. Choose from a variety of unique looks to compliment any room in your house. From a subtle whitewash or greywash finish to a more defining antique grey, we know you will fall in love with whatever style or colour you decide to buy online at French Knot.

Rattan trunks are one of the best choices when wanting something that is cost effective yet tasteful. Freshen up your home today with a beloved rattan trunk that will no doubt add style and convenience to your family home. The multi purpose use of rattan trunks means that they can be used in many different home settings. Instead of paying large amounts for built in storage space, choosing to add a rattan trunk to your interior home collection will give you the flexibility to alter the space you live in whenever you want. It is no wonder why the beloved rattan trunk is a popular piece of furniture that adds convenience and a level of sophistication to every family home. Buy from us online today and we guarantee that you will have no regrets!

The high durability of rattan trunks also make them perfect for your outdoor area, including on your balcony or patio. They are a low maintenance pieces of furniture that just require the occasional dusting to make it look as good as new. It is much more cost effective alternative to wood and lasts much longer. Rattan trunks are easy to buy from our online store and easily replaceable. If you are after a timeless piece of affordable storage furniture that will add to the natural look of your home then look no further than a rattan trunk. Take a browse on our easy to navigate online website and discover how ...

Home Decor

Have you ever thought of creating a fresh, personal appeal to your home? Unleash your creative side and discover how the art of home decor can transform your house into a home. By browsing online at French Knot you can buy and keep up with the latest trends in home design. From an elegant table lamp to a quirky pair of Vintage Shoe Lasts, you can buy a wide range of online home decor products that will instantly spice up any room in your house.

We are all born to be naturally creative. At French Knot all of our products are of the highest quality and are designed to bring out the best in any room. We understand that everyone is different and home decor is the perfect way to show off your individual style. Don’t feel you have to spend money on expensive furniture in order to fill up space or make your home look good. Buy timeless home decor such as a beautifully classic terracotta vase that will turn a blank space into one that is exciting and lovable. By selectively choosing stylish pieces of home decor online, you can show off your home in its best light at an affordable price. Save yourself lots of time and money by ordering your products directly through our easily and accessible online store. They can be delivered straight to your doorstep without any hassle.

Does your house need redecorating? We make the job of home decorating much simpler by providing you with a diverse range of styles to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Focus on the idea that less is often more. What you choose to buy and the way you choose to accessorise your room can make the biggest difference. Enhancing the style of your home can be as easy as placing a beautiful suar wood fruit bowl in the centre of your dining table or a unique set of mirrors on a neutral wall. Often we forget to focus on optimising the space of the rooms in our own home. If you have a room where there is a small floor space, then why not look into decorating the walls with a vibrant piece of artwork? Whether you want to add a modern touch to your kitchen or brighten up your lounge room, we guarantee that you will find something you will love online at French Knot.

If you are after innovative, unique and exciting ways to transform the rooms in your house, then exploring our online store is the perfect place to start. Turn your home into a stylish oasis today by taking advantage of our superior range of online home decor here on French Knot.


Every home needs high quality homeware products that will add both style and convenience to every room in your house. From contemporary homewares in funky designs to modern kitchenware, you can transform your home by browsing through our diverse range of products online now at French Knot.

Are you starting up your first home? Create your own aesthetic haven by purchasing homeware products that will show off your house in its best light. Some of us like to buy and use homewares as the defining feature of a room, such as placing a large antique clock on a neutral wall. Alternatively, you may be more after a classic look by choosing to grace your wooden dining table with a glass vase filled with flowers. An appealing touch of pizzazz can be added to any room in your house by selectively buying homeware products that emphasise your unique personal flair.

Style means something different to everyone. You can simply transform the look and feel of your home by the way you decide to decorate it. Are you after a specific style or colour? Our wide range of online homeware products will allow you to make the most of the space in your home. Instead of investing in expensive pieces of furniture, choose to buy online and accessorise the rooms in your house with timeless homewares that will fit perfectly into your dream home. You may decide to decorate your neutral lounge room with vibrant, exciting pillows. By choosing to bring your house alive with designer yet simple homeware products, you are giving yourself the flexibility of being able to change the look and feel of your home without any large cost. Buy instantly online and have your order delivered straight to your door. Styling your home has never been easier with our wide range of online homewares that are practical, affordable and are not just there to be admired.

Let your imagination run wild and take a moment to explore the myriad of homeware options that you can buy right here online. Whether you decide to compliment the ultimate dinner party with a set of unique dinner plates or simply have a copper wire fruit basket sitting perched on your kitchen bench, we guarantee you will find something you will love on our online store. By integrating individual style, personal taste and a range of highly quality homeware products, you can create a unique look to any room in your home instantly. By shopping online at French Knot you can have the peace of mind that you are receiving unique yet practical homeware items that transforms everyday living into an easy, lovable and more stylish experience.

Time to Deck the Halls! Advent Calendars & Christmas Decorations Are Here

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Christmas is just around the corner and here at French Knot we have a fabulous new range of Christmas decorations, wreaths, Christmas candle holders and Advent Calendars in store for you to enjoy. As always, we have put together a collection that evokes a natural, French country style with lots of whites, woods and some traditional reds. 

We love creating our own Advent Calendars and this year's range includes options to suit any space. If you loved those old-fashioned Advent Calendars where the thrill was simply seeing what little picture was revealed, then these are for you! Use the pockets to hide treats, puzzles, treasure hunt clues, riddles or other surprises for your children to discover in the countdown to Christmas. They'll treasure these festive memories for the rest of their lives!

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