Bottle Brush Medium - Natural Coconut Fibre

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The perfect all-natural bottle brush that is beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. Ethically made from coir (coconut fibre from the husk of the coconut), this medium sized bottle brush is handwoven onto a strong galvanised wire so it won't rust and is dishwasher safe. Naturally anti-bacterial, you'll also find that grease won't stick to the fibres the way it does on plastic bristles. 

Benefits of Coconut Fibre

Naturally anti-bacterial - so won't become smelly and mouldy

Chemical free - safe for all the family

Long lasting - bristles don't bend and flatten like nylon bristles do

No Micro Plastics - natural plant fibre so doesn't pollute our waterways

Biodegradable - at the end of its life will break down naturally

Measures 26cm long, 4cm wide and 2.5cm thick.

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